Thursday, February 01, 2007

2006 Year in Review

Served as conduit for information from like-minded groups and from Buddhist Peace Fellowship. Participated in opportunities for input to BPF. Remained a group member of the NW Dharma Association, participation which inspired BPF Seattle to engage more with the Association.

Meditation Vigil during 'End the War, Begin the Peace' rally and march. Some meditated, some marched, some marched and meditated.

Supported citizen lobbyists who occupied Senator Ron Wyden's office, including our member, Christina Hulbe. She also wrote a statement coming from us for the press packet.

Christina represented BPF Portland at a meeting with Ron Wyden and his chief of staff with around a dozen local peace groups.June
Co-sponsored Finding Refuge: A Buddhist Festival in the Park

Enji Hoogstra represented at the BPF Member Gathering, came back with fresh ideas for the chapter's future.

Participated in the 24-Hour Chant for Peace at Great Vow Monastery. Seattle BPF members Viki and Elaine joined Enji in leading an hour of our street chant.

First gathering for discussion at the library. Core members identified, discussed future direction of the chapter.

Had booth, made Buddhist peace buttons at the Belmont Street Fair, space courtesy of the Nichiren Buddhist Temple.

Hosted a showing of "Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers"

Bimonthly discussion, explored the BPF's Mandala for Socially Engaged Buddhism


Account balance
January 1, 2006: $283 plus $189 in savings, for Summer Park Festival
Savings, to maintain account: $5.00
$477 total

December 31, 2006: $256
($41 belongs to 2007 Summer Park Festival)
Savings, to maintain account: $5.00
$40 cash, not deposited
$301 total

Co-sponsorship for peace march: $50
Buddhist Peace Fellowship donation: $108
Park Festival: $238
Northwest Dharma Association: $50
Kinko's Copy Card $20
$466 total

For Park Festival: $20
For Park Festival from fundraiser: $69
Member donations: $45 (down from $120 in 2005)
Anon: $56
Maitripa Institute: $100
$290 total

These are the responses to BPF's annual questions. I should have conferred with core members on these, my apologies. The due date crept up on me. Let me know if any of this needs amending.

(Questions 1 through 3 were on contact info.)

4. How often does your chapter meet?
Every other month. In 2006 we met less often, but around 4 times.

5. How many people belong to your chapter? We're experimenting with no formal membership: 5 core members; around 10 that express continued, consistent interest; around 150 on email list
(If you don’t have formal membership, please give an estimate of the average attendance of each chapter meeting.)

6. Are there at least 3 people who serve as stewards/caretakers of the chapter’s wellbeing? Yes
What leadership structure has your chapter found most useful?
Core members make decisions. Core members are those who have demonstrated consistent involvement, not necessarily attendance, but maintain communication. All email list members are encouraged to vet ideas and propose projects for which they are willing to take a leadership role.

7. What kind of decision-making process has your chapter found most useful?
Core members use cooperative consensus. So far no difficult decisions have been addressed. Decisions with bigger implications are brought to the email list for input.

8. What event or activity has your chapter found to be the most meaningful in this past year? Please tell us in detail, and attach any flyers or other materials you created that you’re excited about.
Co-hosting our summer Buddhist Festival in the Park: Finding Refuge.

9. What challenges does your chapter face?

People are busy with many interests, so we are scattered and not always able to meet in person.

10. Have you been in touch with your Regional Representative this year? If yes, how did the interaction go?

Our contact is our representative. We've made efforts to spread out the communication responsibilities, so when I'm in the role of regional rep, other core members can pass on information to the chapter email list.

11. What else do you want the BPF Office to know? How can we serve you better?

The BPF member gathering was a great resource and raised my energy for new ideas. Many thanks to Maia for her graceful leadership.

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