Sunday, July 01, 2007

Gathering for Discussion: Coming Home Initiative

Listen to recording of Bhante Suhita Dharma and Alan Senauke among others speak about the California prison system and the BPF Coming Home Initiative
Sunday, July 22
2:30 to 4:30 pm
Belmont Library meeting room
We will listen as a group, then discuss. Some local prison program volunteers may talk about their experiences in Oregon. Click on the photo to link to the BPF Radio web page with this recording.
Visit BPF's information on it's Transformative Justice Program, formerly Prison Program, here.
Visit Oregon's Dept of Corrections here. Their Home for Good program could be a good entry point for Buddhists interested in welcoming people transition back into the community.


BPF Portland said...

Seven people came to our gathering for discussion on July 22. We decided the subject for our next gathering in September would also be on programs for ex-prisoners. We wish to focus on possibilities for developing a Buddhist program in the Portland area, and BPF Portland can at least facilitate getting that started.

Some tasks people need to do before the next meeting:

Look into the Oregon State "Home for good" training. Anybody who can, please read or skim through it:

Enji will talk to Kyogen at Dharma Rain, see what we could plan together.

It would be nice to have a joint meeting with Dharma Rain. During the week would be better so David can more easily attend.

Enji will also look into the possibility of having Alan Senauke or Bhante Suhuta Dharma visit for a talk on BPF's Coming Home Initiative in the Bay area. Several attendees felt the allure of a visiting teacher would bring people in and we could gather more potential volunteers from the publicity.

David, an ex-prisoner and long-time participant in Dharma Rain's prison program was full of information. In fact he was instrumental in getting Buddhists into the prison in Salem. When people come out of prison, they need guidelines and direction. He chose to return to Lane County because there is a very good program there. He will share more info on that program.

We also need to seek more information from programs already extant in the Portland area, see what's working for them, and consider what we as Buddhists have to offer.

Hopefully if we get this conversation started, someone will emerge as a leader willing to take on the tasks needed to get things going.

My apologies for taking so long to get this written up.

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