Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Metta Sutta Peace March

5 pm
Wednesday, October 3
SW Corner of Pioneer Courthouse Square
Portland, Oregon


The military junta in Burma has escalated its violent crackdown on peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators in the City of Rangoon, and other small towns throughout the country. Last month the military government more than doubled the cost of fuel and increased the cost of gas that powers public transportation buses five times, causing extreme hardship for the Burmese people already struggling to meet their survival needs. Mass protests were immediately quelled by riot police. In response to this violence, tens of thousands of highly revered Buddhist monks joined thousands of peaceful demonstrators last week in the streets of Rangoon. The military brutally suppressed the protest by firing into the crowds killing at least nine people including a Japanese photojournalist. To end the uprising, soldiers have invaded five Buddhist monasteries brutally beating and arresting hundreds of monks. Six Buddhist monks are known to have been killed thus far.

The military have surrounded neighborhoods and imposed strict curfews to curtail any further protests. In an attempt to stop communications with the outside world by citizen journalists, the military government has blocked all access to the internet, cell phones and landlines. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi, the pro-democracy Burmese leader, remains in long-term house arrest.

As Buddhists, we can gather our voices together to pray for a nonviolent resolution to this conflict and send a clear message to our leaders that "The World is Watching."
  • We will meet at 5 pm at the southwest corner of Pioneer Courthouse Square, where the Burmese people of Portland are already gathering in protest.
  • We will walk down to Waterfront Park, along Naito, and return to the square, being mindful not to block pedestrian or vehicle traffic.
  • Monks will lead chanting of the Metta Sutta, the sutra being chanted by the monks in Burma, that expounds the qualities of loving-kindness.
  • We will alternate between chanting the sutra in Pali and English.
  • Other than chanting, this march will be a silent meditation vigil, following nonviolent principles.
  • Wear red to show your support.

Go to the Buddhist Peace Fellowship website for the metta sutta text in Pali and English


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news coverage

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The Love Rally gave their stage over to the protesters on September 29 in support.

Link here.

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Jan Van Raay's photojournal of the protests including this vigil found here.